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Our Partners

In our pursuite of sustainable success, we have partnered with entities
that share this same vision. See more about them below.



Cultipowered NPC’s main objective is to facilitate, support, and fund empowerment and transformation within the various fruit industries Culdevco operates in, so all can share in the success.Fruit Industries are Hortgro Stone, Pome, Raisins SA, SATI, IPV.


HORTGTO focuses on production. research and technology, communication, markets and transformation within the deciduous fruit industry.

Raisins SA

Raisins SA is a non-profit company, with its main revenue derived from statutory levies, investment income, consultation fees and products.


SATI intends to become a progresive growth-oriented industry representative, recognised as a global leader in the Table Grape Industry and an authentic leader in the South African agricultural sector.

Canning Fruit Producers Association