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Ruby Crisp Plums South Africa


Ruby flesh, good cold storage and production.

Category: Fruit
Released: May 2012
Fruit kind: Plum
Selection No.: PR02-62
Usage: Dessert
Origin: ARC Infruitec-Nietvoorbij
Exclusive licensee: Culdevco (Pty) Ltd

Tree Characteristics

Chilling requirement: Medium (400-600 Infruitec Chilling Units)
Growth habit: Semi-upright
Flowering (10% blossoms open): 1st week September**
Full bloom (80% blossoms open): 3rd week September**
Flower shape: Rosaceous
Bearing habit: On both spurs and shoots
Disease susceptibility (normal sprays): Normal
Rootstocks evaluated: Maridon

Tree Thinning

Pollinator: Harry Pickstone, Fortune
Fruit set: Very good
Blossom or fruit: Fruit thinning recommended
Intensity of flowers: High

Fruit Characteristics

Harvest date (first pick): Week 4-5 (4th week January)
Control cultivar: With Songold
Production (kg/tree): Very good (4 x 1.5 metre)
Fruit size distribution: Count AAA / AA (100g/fruit)
Shape: Flat round
Skin colour: Dark red
Flesh colour: Red (Ruby)
TSS at harvest: 15˚brix.
Texture: Medium to fine
Stone: Cling
Storage ability: Good. Dual temp. Independently evaluated.

ARC Infruitec-Nietvoorbij: Prof. B Ndimba | Tel: 021 809 3002
Culdevco: Mishkaat Anderson | Tel: 021 888 8473

*= Plant Breeders Rights: ARC Infruitec-Nietvoorbij
**= Data obtained at Bien Donne, Simondium, Western Cape and is not necessarily representative of other areas.

Latest News

RUBY CRISP – A cultivar modified to the modern producer’s needs.

Ruby Crisp is a beautiful dark red (almost black when ripe) plum with a full-red flesh
colour that ripens just before Laetitia. Ruby Crisp reaches full bloom during early to
mid-September (depending on the season).

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