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African-Carmine cultivar information
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Registered cultivar name: Afri-Star
Selection No.: 1-12-183
Fruit kind: Apple
Breeder: ARC Infruitec-Nietvoorbij

Tree Characteristics

Growth habit: Basitonic shoot distribution, orthotropic shoot orientation, poor apical control and wide crotch angles
Bearing habit: Terminally and laterally on both spurs and shoots
Chilling requirement: Low (300 – 500 Infruitec Chilling Units)


Harvest date: Middle to end December or 1st/2nd week January
Production: Medium to good (60 – 70 ton/ha)
Percentage pack-out: 68% of the tree
Full bloom date (80% blossoms open): 3rd week August
Thinning: Requires good thinning, more than Afri-Blush
Storage ability: Maximum 2 months

Fruit Characteristics

Size: Medium to large (140g/fruit average)
Shape: Oblong, consistent fruit symmetry and shape consistency.
Colour: Striped red blush on yellow ground colour (60 to 90% coverage)
Taste and texture: Sweet, medium juice contents with crisp texture, not becoming mealy
Lenticels: Conspicuous
Stem length: Intermediate

ARC Infruitec-Nietvoorbij: Prof. B Ndimba | Tel: 021 809 3002
Culdevco: Mishkaat Anderson | Tel: 021 888 8473

*= Plant Breeders Rights: ARC Infruitec-Nietvoorbij
**= Data obtained at Bien Donne, Simondium, Western Cape and is not necessarily representative of other areas.

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