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Cheeky Pears
commercialising cultivars


Partly funded by DFPT. The growth of trees is vigorous and was not tested on all dwarfing rootstocks e.g., BA29. Incompatible symptoms on C51 were noted on very sandy soil in Steteyn region. Nursery trees can show seasonal symptoms of blister bark, which has no effect on mature trees. Flower formation on BP1 rootstock was weak, but girdling showed very good results. Most flowers in clusters do set fruit, resulting in clustered fruit formation, which needs thinning.

Category: Fruit
Released: May 2009
Fruit kind: Pear
Selection No.: 3D-13-34
Usage: Dessert
Origin: ARC Infruitec-Nietvoorbij
Exclusive licensee: Culdevco (Pty) Ltd

Tree Charactaristics

Chilling requirement: Medium (900 Infruitec Chilling Units)
Growth habit: Spreading and vigorous
Flowering (10% blossoms open): INFO NEEDED
Full bloom (80% blossoms open): INFO NEEDED
Flower shape: INFO NEEDED
Bearing habit: On both spurs and young shoots
Disease susceptibility (normal sprays): Normal
Rootstocks evaluated: Forelle, Abate Fetel, Rosemarie, Flamingo


Harvest date: Late January
Production: Good
Full bloom date: Between Forelle and Packham’s Triumph
Pollinators: Forelle, Abate Fetel, Rosemarie, Flamingo (depending on region)
Storage ability: Excellent at regular atmosphere for 12 weeks at 0°C (tested by Experico)

Fruit Charactaristics

Shape: Turbinate/ oblong-ovate-pyriform (egg-shaped)
Size: Good (average size 170g/fruit)
Colour: Bright blushed skin (retains blush during heat waves)
Taste and texture: Sweet, juicy with pear flavour. Excellent eating quality
Lenticels: Conspicuous
Stem length: Intermediate

ARC Infruitec-Nietvoorbij: Prof. B Ndimba | Tel: 021 809 3002
Culdevco: Mishkaat Anderson | Tel: 021 888 8473

*= Plant Breeders Rights: ARC Infruitec-Nietvoorbij
**= Data obtained at Bien Donne, Simondium, Western Cape and is not necessarily representative of other areas.

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